Start Technology Advance Mobile Repairing Course in Patna, Bihar

Hi-tech Institute is the one stop solution for the advance mobile repairing course in Patna. We are offering here various mobile repairing course, laptop repairing course, chip level repairing course, smart phone repairing course, desktop repairing course at very affordable price.

Backed by Highly Experienced Trainers

The entire curriculum of our advance mobile repairing institute in Patna, is designed simply, so that even a matriculate can grasp basic to advance level mobile repairing. We are backed by highly experienced trainers and teachers who have been providing hardware training for years.

Latest and Advanced Techniques of Mobile Repairing

Our teachers are well-versed with the latest and advanced techniques of BGA level and mother board level repairing all brands of mobile phones. We are glad to say that we are the best provider of mobile phone repairing. We also provide technical support at free of cost so that after completing the course, anyone can ask for help even after taking the training.


Here, there are some important topics covered in advance mobile repairing course:

  • History of mobile phones, including its various generations
  • Assemble and disassemble techniques of all mobile brands
  • Identification of various electronic parts on schematic diagram as well as circuit board
  • Learn the structure and generation GSM and CDMA of mobile phones
  • Using of SMD machine
  • GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth works
  • Block diagram of a mobile phone
  • Flashing and unlocking of mobile
  • All sections of hardware repairing
  • Practical handsets repairing
  • Live practical training
  • And, at last golden tips for service center or interview


The advance mobile repairing institute in Biharis dedicated by the team of highly experienced mobile experts from the current hardware industry. Our course fees are reachable to all, and this is the reason that students from different part of the country come here to get mobile repair training and ensured bright career as well.

100% Placement Assistance After the Course

We have international level lab equipped with all latest and advance repairing tools. Each course provided at our institute is based on 100% placement assistance. We teach our student about flashing and unlocking by using original device. In case, you have doubts, you can take our demo class that is free of cost and take the right decision.

Be the Part of the Fastest Growing Industry

These days, the mobile hardware is one of the fastest growing industries field world wide, The increase era of mobile phone need great number of well-trained mobile experts. And, the vision to start the advance mobile repairing course in Bihar is just to train candidates who wish to grow in the hardware field.

Make a Lucrative Career in Mobile Hardware

Trust us, the career in mobile servicing is one of the most demanding. You can easily improve your job prospect or start your own business by taking this course. By taking training at our advance mobile repairing institute in Patna, you will be able to make a lucrative career


Emerging Advance Mobile Repairing Course in Patna, Bihar


advance moblieHi-tech is one of the best mobile, laptop and computer repairing institute in the whole country. Here, students get a perfect platform who loves to build their career in the field of repairing and want to earn good amount of money. All training courses provided by Hi-tech are emerged with very basic to advanced level training.

Complex Hardware Theory With Easy Way of Training

The advance mobile repairing course in Bihar is based on practical and theory classes aided by various technical training to make students understand and adopt complex hardware theory. The course is designed in such a way that students can easily understand the characteristic and different signal transfers between electronics components used in the present advance hardware devices.

Almost all the students trained at our institute are working in various authorized service centers or reputed companies. And, the students who wanted to start their own business they have started their own business.

Flourish Your Knowledge and Skills

The best thing about our advance mobile repairing institute in Patna is that it provides lifetime support to all students. This enables students that they can ask for help in case of any critical problem.

Time to time we arrange program where all our students meet up, discuss and exchange their practical and theoretical knowledge with each other. The fact is that we do everything to flourish the knowledge and skills in learners.

Complete Package of Mobile Repair Training

The advance mobile repairing course we are offering, it is the complete package of mobile repair training and after completing it, there are complete list of topics that you learn here:

  • All basic knowledge about mobile phone
  • Important components of mobile phone
  • Identification of all electronic components testing to a circuit board
  • Chip level soldering and de-soldering on a PCB motherboard
  • Mobile circuit board traces without circuit diagram
  • Different sections of mobile phone repairing
  • 2G, 3G, 4G technology
  • Android mobile technology
  • Faults in mobile phones
  • Dead set problem
  • Issues related to charging
  • Auto charging issue
  • No signal problem
  • Voice breaking issues
  • Vibrator is not working
  • Ringer is not working
  • Auto turn off always
  • Hanging problem
  • Insert SIM
  • Keypad problem
  • Hanging problem
  • Insert SIM
  • Problem related to the keypad
  • Issues related hanging, display, mouse etc.
  • Practically handset repaired
  • Flashing and formatting
  • Android pattern lock
  • Android rooting
  • Wi-Fi setting
  • Touch screen
  • HTC repairing
  • Chinese mobile phone troubleshooting
  • CDMA mobile phone technology
  • Important tips and techniques for mobile repairing

The advance mobile repairing course in Bihar is the best option for those candidates who want to become a good technician. On the completion of the training students will be provided 100% job placement and who want to start own business they are given complete business support.

So, get this course to make your future bright.

Do Complete Advance Mobile Repairing Course in Patna, Bihar


Advance mobile repairing course in Bihar helps students in identifying various mobiles and identifying the faults in mobile phones. The course covers fault finding, repairing of components, repairing and hands on experience in repairing mobile phone and androids. This involves market survey and various kinds of inputs to start a business or start working in a reputed company.

Under the training you will be taught to repair issues like network, charging, handset, display, keypad, speaker, ringer, vibrator, ringer, dead hang locking and much more.

We have years of Experience

Hi-tech has been working for a long time and as we have years of experience.  This experience enables us to provide the training course in the best possible way.

Expert and Experienced Teaching Team

The best part of about our advance mobile repairing institute in Patna is that we have a highly experienced and expert team of trainers. They are  very dedicated for the future of students.

Fully Practical Based Training

The advance mobile repairing course we are providing is totally 100% practical based training. The practical based training allows students to learn everything through live practical class.

Affordable and Smooth Fee Structure

As our aim is not to earn huge amount of money, but we want to make our students grow and progress. Our course is based on very affordable fee structure. We understand that there are many people in our country who are not able to afford higher degree and huge amount of the fee. So, in order to help them, we offer courses at a very nominal fee.

Life Time Technical Support

We provide our students the lifetime technical support that enable students to ask for help any time.

Great Source of Earning

Almost all the students who have taken training at our institute they are earning good amount of money. Either they are running their own business or they are working in a reputed company.

Short-term Course Training Courses

All the advance mobile repairing course in Bihar provided by the Hi-tech Institute has become highly popular because of the short time period.

Tremendous Demand for Expert Technicians

We are confident  that the tremendous demand for expert industry professionals will give your amazing job offerings. Our advance mobile repairing institute in Patna gives you guarantee for job or business stability.

State of the Art Training

At the Hi-tech Institute we have state of the art training facilities. With it, we provide our students all important facilities that   gives them a complete environmental training.

Certification after Training

We issue certificates on the completion of the training. This certificate gives students some higher place among students.

Special Job Assistance

We offer special job assistance to make it sure that students get some of the best and most leading jobs in the industry.

Overall, taking admission in Hi-tech is going to be very beneficial for you. Give us a single change we are sure that you will not get disappointed here. We will be happy to help you.

Mobile Repairing Course in Patna, Bihar Makes You Job Ready Professional

mobileCurrent technical development has led to mobile being updated with the fast and robust components. It has led to a sharp increment in the demand for good hardware expert. With a vision to fill this demand for skilled and expert professionals. Hi-tech has started mobile repairing course. The training program supports candidates to be job-ready professionals.

We Cater the Demand of Technical Industries

Hi-tech is the famous training, innovative solution for those who want to start their career in the mobile hardware field. The vision is to fill the massive gap in the availability of skilled technicians, to cater the demand of technical industries.

Most of the courses provided at Hi-tech are short-term training programs. Almost all the students who take training at our institute they are employed or running their own business. Hi-tech has started the mobile repairing course in Bihar where students are trained in a short time period as per the industry relevant.


Our mobile repairing institute in Patna has the advanced technology division that specialized in providing IT infrastructure solutions to students.  Hi-tech has trained huge number of students belonging from different part of the country.

Before tapping into the limitless potential of this field, you need to understand how best to enter into it, leading at first and getting a placement in the mobile repairing industry is an option, but this route will be awesome when you do it after being the part of the  Hi-tech institute.

Get the Advantage from Limitless Potential

Our mobile repairing institute in Patna trains students in a way that they can be ready to solve all kinds of faults to mobile hardware and also software. Once you complete the training you will be able to solve the problems with mobile phone, iPhones.

There is no doubt that the mobile technology servicing is ever growing industry and demand of service providers are increasing. The mobile repairing course is one of the limitless potentials among the students. Actually, this is an opportunity for those candidates who want to earn money just on the completion of the course.

Not only Learn But also Earn

We have experienced in both mobile servicing and training for a long time. Our courses help candidates not only to learn, but also to earn. We are the best mobile repairing course in Patna providing complete practical based training in both hardware and software section of mobile phones.

The mobile course we are offering it is provided in basic, advance and combo level. You can take any of them as per your need.

This is said that when you take the right path, then only you can get the right achievement. So, take the right path by being the part of our mobile repairing course in Bihar. We make you sure that we will not leave the single stone unturned to training you and make you perfect for this advanced mobile technology.

Come soon, enroll in our course and progress unstoppable.

Mobile Repairing Course in in Patna, Bihar


mobile repairing

Today, the mobile hardware industry is one of the fastest growing industries. And, making career in the cellular field could be the most rewarding and fulfilling option. You can easily enter in this field with the by getting expertise in mobile phone. Hi-tech Institute is a world class mobile repairing institute in Patna that provides practical and theory based training in the avenue of all brands of mobile phones.

We Lay a Strong Emphasis on Practical Training

With our world class training through mobile repairing course we lay a strong emphasis on practical training and skill application. Apart from the course we also make it sure that our students have a bright career ahead of them.

The team of faculty at our training institute is well qualified and certified. They have been teaching for a long time so they have adequate field experience in the GSM, CDMA and other related industries. From the time of establishment to till today we have trained thousands of students who are working successfully in service centres or have set up their own businesses and shops.

Jobs, Technical Support and Guidance

Under the mobile repairing course in Bihar besides training, we also provide jobs, technical support and guidance after completing the course to all our students.

The thing that makes our mobile repairing institute in Patna special is that here hardware and software both modules are treated with equal importance since we understand that both are essential to know as an expert technician in the field.

Repair Latest Model of Smartphones

The mobile repairing course we are offering it starts with the teaching of Basic Electricity and Electronics, Circuit Diagram and there after it goes to Assembling and Dissembling, Network Problem, Troubleshooting Techniques and many more.

On the completion of hardware section we enter in software section, in this section you will learn Software Application, Installation, Software Problems and Solution, Smart Phone Technology and Troubleshooting, Power Failure Issue etc.

If you want to repair latest model of smartphones then you needs to have an in-depth understanding of the working of smartphones, and all their internal components and this is the thing that you will be taught at our mobile repairing course in Patna.

Learn In a Structured and Convenient Manner

The mobile repairing course from Hi-tech is the best way to get this knowledge, as it will allow you to learn in a structured and convenient manner. This training course is a simple and easy way to learn everything you need to know to be an export mobile technician like how mobile phone works and how to be able to repair every kind of issue occur in them.

Our mobile repairing course is a series of lessons, taught by dedicated teaching professionals who have expert knowledge of repairing mobile phones from years. Each lesson covers a major fault that phones are likely to develop, showing you how to identify the problem and how to repair or replace the faulty parts.

Hi Tech is Most Leading Provider of Laptop Repairing Course in Patna, Bihar


In these days laptops are in great demand because these are portable and also easy to carry and use but sometimes it might create several kinds of issues. And because of it there are huge demands for laptop technician who can deal with every kind of problem. There are many training institutes in Patna in which Hi Tech is a leading institute.

Best Quality of Training Process

Hi Tech is a famous training institute with best quality training process. Till today, we have maintained an unparalleled quality. We are proud to say that we are the part of leading repairing institute. We are offering laptop repairing course in Patna through BGA machine, BIOS programmer, CRO machine, CPU, Socket tester, laptop battery tester, debug card and many more.

At Hi Tech our mission is to be the number one laptop repairing institute in Patna. And, we are sure that we are on the way to get our aim with exceptional customer service and professional yet affordable solutions. We have dedicated team of teachers who can provide your business with a complete range of training process. The unique thing that you find in our training courses is that it includes both the current and changing need of your business.

Specialised in Supporting Students

We are specialised in supporting our students when they start their start up business and give them every kind of help until they become smart enough to handle everything.

Our unmatched laptop repairing institute in Patna has all latest and important machines and tools for repairing. All the courses provided by our institute are based on practical training with essential theory. We have structured our training course very carefully and try to cover every phase of training. The inception of our company is creative, innovative as well as resourceful.

Top-Notch Training Institute

We not only offer training courses but we also give our students job assistance, technical support and guidance for life time. This is a very strong advice for you if you are looking for job training based laptop repairing course in Bihar then opt our training process and get well-structured training with the high tech devices.

So, be the part of top-notch training institute which provides practical and application training in the avenue of laptop repairing. We are working with a state-of-the-art laboratory facility that enables learners to select from a variety of career oriented training programmes.

First Step Towards a Bright Career

The laptop repairing course in Bihar covers both software and hardware modules as we think that both are equal important to be expert hardware technician. On the completion of the training you can start working as repair technicians or can start own business of repairing.

This is a perfect time to take your first step towards a bright career takes admission in Hi Tech Institute and grows with developing hardware industry. We are wait for you and happy to help you so come soon.

How Mobile Repairing Course in Patna, Bihar is Most Reliable


Mobile repairing course in Patna is the combination of training with hands on practical training and knowledge of complete theory work. Getting training on schematic diagrams of mobile phone gives fast as well as reliable mobile repairing diagnostics. With this training you can be able to get extra confidence in mobile repairing and troubleshooting.

Basically if you take this training in a reputed mobile repairing institute in Patna you get complete knowledge and skills that are important to start your own business or start working in any reputed company. The course covers basic electronic, schematic diagram tracing, BGA rebelling with IR machines, software for unlocking mobile phones covering all brands such as Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Apple and many more.

Get Skill That Makes Your Future Bright

The mobile repairing course in Bihar is famous, and for this there are many reasons. First thing is that this course is short term but in few weeks it makes an average student who doesn’t have any technical knowledge expert in respective field. Second thing is that mobile repairing training give you prominent and interactive hands on training that provides you complete knowledge of mobile repairing.

If you complete this course from a reputed and leading mobile repairing course in Patna, you get extra benefit that the certification will enable you to stand on some higher place among students. You get different benefits as you can set your batch timing as per your need if you are working or you are student then you can take this course in week end or after or before office and school timing.

The mobile repairing course in Bihar covers how to use various repairing tools and equipment, best methods of disassembling and assembling of all handsets, identification as well as testing of parts of handset. After it we will enter in motherboard section in which you will study motherboard and also its components, working concepts of various chips on the PCB. In the next phase of the training you get training to use a multi meter, replacement of chips, components, charging ports, connectors, switches and many more.

Get New Concepts of Mobile Repairing

This training will provide you all the tools, modern test equipment and other latest repairing tools by which you can be able to deal with every situation. This is sure that the mobile repairing course in Bihar covers all the relevant topics, and in every topic new concept of mobile repairing is covered. This is totally 100% practical based training, which means in order to learn mobile troubleshooting and maintaining you don’t need to student heavy theory.
Anyone who completes this training course can start earning instantly. If you want to work in any company then under the training apart from hardware training you will all important knowledge and skill that will boost your self-confidence. And if you have interest to start your own business then also with this training you will be provided life time technical support and that will help you to deal with your client and run your business properly.

Where Get Working Opportunity by Doing Mobile Repairing Course in Patna, Bihar

Lumia 920 Assemble Lead

Mobile repairing course in Patna is in great demand because this training gives you more opportunity to earn more with some investment. If you are looking for a bright career in short time then taking admission at Hi Tech can be very beneficial for you. As the use of mobile phone is increasing day by day and according to its use maintenance and repairing service are also on huge demand.

Having own business is the dream of many person by taking admission in our mobile repairing institute in Patna you can start your own business as mobile service centre or mobile repairing shop. And we make you sure that in this field you will be able to earn huge amount of money from your business and investment will be very low.

How to Start Business with Mobile Repairing Course

We also provide help to those students who want to setup their own service centre. The knowledge and skill you get under the training this will make you expert in mobile phone troubleshooting. Here, you will be trained to understand the demand and need of market. We under our mobile repairing course in Bihar make our student expert enough so that they can deal with every kind of situation.

If any person has strong desire to start own service centre then before training them first of all we make them inform about all positive as well as negative aspects of starting a mobile service centre. And this information helps students to take right decision. Our mobile repairing institute in Patna provides students everything that they need to know to start their career in mobile hardware field. Time to time we organize workshop for students where students get update of latest changing technology and be updated.

Systematic Way of Hardware Training in Patna

Join Hi Tech and start your career as mobile repairing engineer. In the date of today there are huge demands for well-trained mobile technicians in industry. This is very true that to work in technical field you must have strong background and complete knowledge but there is no systematic education system in our country that provides training in hardware. But, Hi Tech is the best mobile repairing institute in Bihar that gives you training from basic to advance level.

Be Updated With Advance Technology

We can say that the training we are providing is completely updates and provides complete training of mobile repairing belonging to all brands. There is an expert team in our institute that do research and make our training process updated. The syllabus of our mobile repairing course in Patna is based on scientific concepts as well as latest technology. And also the syllabus is revised time to time to keep a pace with the progressive technology.

We give our focus on quality rather than quantity and so we give our training in small batch and maintain a standard quality of education. At the end of the training we provide our student certification that makes them some special and they take some higher position in industry.

Most Leading Computer Repairing Course in Patna, Bihar

Hi Tech Institute is the leading Patna based training institute offering the world class training. Our institute will help you to get better job around the industry. The team of faculties at our training institute is very experienced as all the faculties have been giving in the field for a long time. We are good in traditional as well as advance based training that make you capable to fight with all condition. Get the step towards a bright future that is just one step ahead from you, take admission in our computer hardware repairing institute in Patna, Bihar.

This is a fact that if you want to get success in hardware field than you must have strong knowledge of basic electronic to advance level hardware repairing. And this is the reason that finding the best training institute is difficult but with Hi Tech we have got solution for you.  When you research top level training institute of Patna in the field of hardware training, then we make you sure that you will find Hi Tech Institute on top.

As we understand that repairing an electronic is not so easy for it there is need of proper training and complete skill, that’s why we are providing training in every aspect of computer hardware. Our computer hardware repairing course in Patna, Bihar will train in you every part of computer and its repairing first of all you will get knowledge in current, resister, capacitor, diode, transistor, coil, fuse. And in next step of the training you will get expertise in identification of mother board and its different part, working concept of motherboard, various switching concept, RAM supply, all the section of memory like RAM section, power section, USB circuit issue, some of the common problem VGA, LAN , Sound, BIOS, RAM and many more. You will be an expert in all types of trouble shooting of computer hardware in all brand either it is new or old. We will teach you how to use of millimeter, complete information of transformer, crystal and many more.


In the date of today hardware industry needs highly skilled professionals this is the reason that there is huge demand for well-trained technician who can deal with every kind of problem in computer belonging to all brand. At Hi Tech Institute we are just working as bridge and filling the gap between aspirant who need job and the company that need trained candidate. We have been working to meet up the need of industry for a long time. From the time our institute had been established we have been trying to give our best to provide our learners quality education and practical training as well. The aim our training is very simple just to prepare candidates in such a way that they can be industry ready just after the training.

As there is lot of scope after the training so we can say that this is the perfect time to take admission in our computer repairing course in Bihar.


How much Important Advance Mobile Repairing Course in Patna, Bihar

Advance Mobile repair training has a comprehensive and detailed approach towards every aspect of mobile phone repairing with advance features. If you want to learn latest technique based mobile repairing in general or planning a career in android repairing field, this course can help you a lot. As under the training course you will get a block and schematic diagrammatical illustrations and also step by step instructions that make it and android user friendly course. It is one of the best ways to start your career in hardware technology.

The main focus of the Advance mobile repairing course in Patna, Bihar is to make your understanding strong about entire system of mobile phone by which the android works. We believe that whether you are an experienced professional or you are a novice this course is perfect for you and help you to get expertise in mobile repairing, so that the hand-on solutions have been explained in detailed manner in the course.

If you take advance mobile repairing institute in Patna, Bihar from reputed institute like Hi Tech, then apart form that, hardware the training will also cover software of the android phone. Some common problems that usually occur in almost all brands of smart phone along with their solution have been included in wide varied. So, whether you have some or no experience in this field, this advance mobile repairing institute in Bihar is going to be very good way to get masters in mobile repairing.


We understand this fact that there is the time of latest and advanced and this is the reason that all the latest technique as well as some of the most advance features of mobile phone has been covered. By doing this course learners can total capabilities of mobile repairing. Also you get depts. Knowledge about android printed circuit board IC, motherboard and also all the other circuits used in the phone.

The advance mobile repairing course in Patna, Bihar is for beginners and experienced technician of advanced technology based mobile phone repairing. The unique training way of our institute incorporates classroom education and also hands-on real world hardware repair scenario where a candidate will get immediate knowledge to service and repair all mobiles and hand-hand devices.

Under the course you will learn about the disassembly and assembly of all kinds of mobile devices and enable you to identify main components. You get advanced logical troubleshooting methods and introduction to micro soldering, troubleshooting discussion on board level repairs and business operations training. This advance mobile repairing course in Patna, Bihar also includes troubleshoot techniques to identify, treat and repair liquid damaged device, how to use proper tools and clearing agents power, how to replace broken glass digitize proper knowledge on how to fully refurbish devices from simple cosmetic to board repairing.

Don’t waste your time any money on useless things take admission in mobile repair training and get a job or business on the completion of the course.