Computer Hardware and Networking

We have always been on top position when it comes to provide quality computer education for a long time. With a vision to help learners and other professionals to capitalize in this technological world, Hi Tech offers various career oriented and technology based courses in computer hardware and networking courses. Here, we offer world class education in the field of computer hardware and networking training.
The computer hardware and networking course in Patna, Bihar provided our institute is totally a job oriented training course in the field of hardware and networking. This has been designed specifically to adhere to the demands of industry. So, if you want to make your future in hardware and networking then this course is going to be only for you. Here, you will get training from our expert team of professional trainers and IT experts who have been in this field for years. They will help you to get complete industry exposure.
The curriculum designed for training courses at Hi Tech Institute is mapped as per the requirements and the fee of the course is very affordable. And, also getting the skills that are on high demand will be really very beneficial. Hi Tech Institute provides very high end infrastructure to enhance the quality of training course. So, get hardware and networking tutorials in our well equipped laboratories.
Actually, the courses provided by our Hi Tech Institute are formulated in such a way that any students or working people or house wife. Either you are belonging to technical or non-technical background this course is designed in such a way that you will be able to understand everything.
There is no doubt if we say that there is a real boom in the field of computer course at present including hardware and networking course in India. The requirement for the hardware engineers is increasing with every changing day and approx in every multinational company there is a great demand for the computer hardware engineers. At present days India is one of the most emerging as the top country for hardware and networking engineers therefore hardware and networking course is in great demand.
So, in order to fulfill the demand of hardware engineers, we are providing practical based computer hardware and networking institute in Patna, Bihar. This course covers understanding the computer architecture, parts and storage device, practical assembling of computer and its all hardware parts, software and antivirus installation, maintenance and assembling computer, troubleshooting and networking concepts, networking standards and topologies, how to create subnets and IP addressing, how to manage domain, user and groups, window server networking, how to troubleshoot networking, understanding various types of networks, hub and switches and introduction of topology, different types of motherboard, understanding slots and components of motherboard, understanding the whole chip set in motherboard, how to configure windows server, infrastructure and application infrastructure, how to configure windows and designing the windows server 2008 infrastructure and application infrastructure as well.


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