How much Important Advance Mobile Repairing Course in Patna, Bihar

Advance Mobile repair training has a comprehensive and detailed approach towards every aspect of mobile phone repairing with advance features. If you want to learn latest technique based mobile repairing in general or planning a career in android repairing field, this course can help you a lot. As under the training course you will get a block and schematic diagrammatical illustrations and also step by step instructions that make it and android user friendly course. It is one of the best ways to start your career in hardware technology.

The main focus of the Advance mobile repairing course in Patna, Bihar is to make your understanding strong about entire system of mobile phone by which the android works. We believe that whether you are an experienced professional or you are a novice this course is perfect for you and help you to get expertise in mobile repairing, so that the hand-on solutions have been explained in detailed manner in the course.

If you take advance mobile repairing institute in Patna, Bihar from reputed institute like Hi Tech, then apart form that, hardware the training will also cover software of the android phone. Some common problems that usually occur in almost all brands of smart phone along with their solution have been included in wide varied. So, whether you have some or no experience in this field, this advance mobile repairing institute in Bihar is going to be very good way to get masters in mobile repairing.


We understand this fact that there is the time of latest and advanced and this is the reason that all the latest technique as well as some of the most advance features of mobile phone has been covered. By doing this course learners can total capabilities of mobile repairing. Also you get depts. Knowledge about android printed circuit board IC, motherboard and also all the other circuits used in the phone.

The advance mobile repairing course in Patna, Bihar is for beginners and experienced technician of advanced technology based mobile phone repairing. The unique training way of our institute incorporates classroom education and also hands-on real world hardware repair scenario where a candidate will get immediate knowledge to service and repair all mobiles and hand-hand devices.

Under the course you will learn about the disassembly and assembly of all kinds of mobile devices and enable you to identify main components. You get advanced logical troubleshooting methods and introduction to micro soldering, troubleshooting discussion on board level repairs and business operations training. This advance mobile repairing course in Patna, Bihar also includes troubleshoot techniques to identify, treat and repair liquid damaged device, how to use proper tools and clearing agents power, how to replace broken glass digitize proper knowledge on how to fully refurbish devices from simple cosmetic to board repairing.

Don’t waste your time any money on useless things take admission in mobile repair training and get a job or business on the completion of the course.


Latest and Updated Computer Hardware Repairing Course in Patna

computerHi Tech Institute is an IT training organization managed by the group of experts from the IT industry. Here, we are providing very high and latest training in hardware, software as well as networking. Hi Tech conducts computer hardware, computer repair, computer service, computer assembling training courses in Patna. Hi Tech Institute has been one of the best computer repairing institutes in Patna for a long time. It has start its training activity before some year in small range but now because of the dedication and hard work it is able to provide the training in the best possible way. The last some years have been a fruitful output of our hard work.

The whole team of Hi Tech Institute always gives the best result in order to provide training in computer training. So, if you are looking for the career oriented computer hardware course in Patna. Here, we are group of professionals with expertise in their respective domain with the great mission and vision as well. We are proudly introducing the members of our team. Hi Tech conducts computer hardware, computer assembling, servicing, windows etc.  Hi Tech is also known as the IT training hub having its corporate office in Delhi. No doubt if we say that Hi Tech is a famous company that is dedicated for the welfare of students.

Our training institute has been established by a group of professionals with vision to excel in the field of hardware repairing. We are pioneer of the embedded system training with expertise of over many years for computer repairing institute in Patna. We are one of the most reputed corporate training and workshop institution in the field of embedded system and robotics professional. We take proud saying that we are providing excellent training in computer hardware in Delhi.

At Hi Tech we believe that students’ satisfaction is the most important factor for us. Our training institute is an India based corporation which is specialized in providing hardware repairing services and IT enabled solutions with an aim to give you more form your technology investments. Under this computer hardware instiute in bihar we have trained thousands of students who are working successfully in computer repairing service centers or they have set up their own businesses and repairing shops. We are glad saying that we have students from all over the country. We have been maintaining as the top level computer repairing institute of India.

Here, if you take admission in our institute then you get total computerized computer repair training with live project training. This training will provide you the knowledge and skill of computer repairing from basics to advanced level repairing. We are the only training institute in Patna that has maintained such quality training at such a nominal fee. But, that is why students not only form Bihar but also from whole country come here to get training in computer hardware. So, if you are thinking for the same then take admission in our institute.

Most Emerging Computer Hardware and Networking Course in Patna, Bihar

Computer Hardware and Networking

We have always been on top position when it comes to provide quality computer education for a long time. With a vision to help learners and other professionals to capitalize in this technological world, Hi Tech offers various career oriented and technology based courses in computer hardware and networking courses. Here, we offer world class education in the field of computer hardware and networking training.
The computer hardware and networking course in Patna, Bihar provided our institute is totally a job oriented training course in the field of hardware and networking. This has been designed specifically to adhere to the demands of industry. So, if you want to make your future in hardware and networking then this course is going to be only for you. Here, you will get training from our expert team of professional trainers and IT experts who have been in this field for years. They will help you to get complete industry exposure.
The curriculum designed for training courses at Hi Tech Institute is mapped as per the requirements and the fee of the course is very affordable. And, also getting the skills that are on high demand will be really very beneficial. Hi Tech Institute provides very high end infrastructure to enhance the quality of training course. So, get hardware and networking tutorials in our well equipped laboratories.
Actually, the courses provided by our Hi Tech Institute are formulated in such a way that any students or working people or house wife. Either you are belonging to technical or non-technical background this course is designed in such a way that you will be able to understand everything.
There is no doubt if we say that there is a real boom in the field of computer course at present including hardware and networking course in India. The requirement for the hardware engineers is increasing with every changing day and approx in every multinational company there is a great demand for the computer hardware engineers. At present days India is one of the most emerging as the top country for hardware and networking engineers therefore hardware and networking course is in great demand.
So, in order to fulfill the demand of hardware engineers, we are providing practical based computer hardware and networking institute in Patna, Bihar. This course covers understanding the computer architecture, parts and storage device, practical assembling of computer and its all hardware parts, software and antivirus installation, maintenance and assembling computer, troubleshooting and networking concepts, networking standards and topologies, how to create subnets and IP addressing, how to manage domain, user and groups, window server networking, how to troubleshoot networking, understanding various types of networks, hub and switches and introduction of topology, different types of motherboard, understanding slots and components of motherboard, understanding the whole chip set in motherboard, how to configure windows server, infrastructure and application infrastructure, how to configure windows and designing the windows server 2008 infrastructure and application infrastructure as well.

Cost Effective Advance Mobile Repairing Course in Patna, Bihar

advance mobile repairing course in patna.jpg

As per the change of time many new technology and features have come in mobile phone. And, there is a lack of technicians trained in mobile repairing with latest and advanced features. So, candidates trained in advanced mobile repairing they have very good chance to make their career in IT field. The way is very simple just to do a course and in few months you will be expert in mobile repairing and be industry ready. There are many training institute in Patna but finding the best one is really tough. But, here we are providing you the chance to learn repairing in smooth an easy to understand way. Our Hi Tech Institute in Patna, Bihar is providing training in mobile repairing with latest tools and machine.

Hi Tech Institute in Patna, Bihar the first and exclusive mobile phone institute in entire country has the widest service network in world in the field of mobile phone technology, established with an aim to make people aware and skilled in advanced mobile repairing. Here, we responded adequately to the demand of qualified and expert mobile phone expert from each and every corner of the country and deliver the qualified as well as committed smart phone service engineer’s entire country. We also provide quality spare parts and tools for repairing. With this vision a new and advanced mobile repairing course in Patna, Bihar has been started at very reasonable cost.

Our training institute is the foremost advanced mobile repairing institute in Patna, Bihar. Here, you will be provided basic, advanced and latest technique of mobile repairing based in Patna. The course is designed simply such that everyone easily matriculates to grasp basic and advanced concepts of advanced mobile repairing. Our institute is backed by the team of experienced trainers and instructors, who are well versed with the advanced techniques of BGA level and mother board level repairing of all kinds smart phones such as android, smart phone, touch phone etc.

The advanced mobile repairing course in Patna, Bihar covers history of mobile phone, smartphone android, solve un locking problems of mobile phone, CDMA, assemble and disassemble of different mobile brands, identification of various types of electronic pars on systemic diagram and circuit board, identification of all kinds of IC, uses of digital multimeter an analog multimeter, PFO as well as chip rebelling replacing practice, section of mobile phone repairing, problem related to dead set, how to use CRO machine and DC power supply, smart phone internet connectivity and android apps installation, how to find fault of some common problem such as contact service, vibrator issues, no signal problem, if there is any problem related to SIM card, software problems, test mode on display, problem related to android pattern lock and routing, blackberry unlocking and flashing, practically handset repairing  and at last you will be provided live practical training.

So, join our advanced mobile repairing institute in Patna, Bihar and make your future in leading mobile repairing field.


Progressive Mobile Repairing Course in Patna, Bihar

MobileHi Tech Institute conducts mobile repairing course in Patna, Bihar up to advanced chip level repairs. This training procedure starts from basic mobile repair training and goes up to advanced fault finding and trouble shooting. It is the reality of present days life becomes impossible without mobile phone. It is such technological device that people feel lost without.

There are a lot of opportunities available for you’re to become a potential entrepreneur and give path of employment to others by setting up mobile service center or mobile repairing shop. We at Hi Tech focus entrepreneurship development and progression of the students to higher levels of income and responsibilities. Candidates often require relevant training in key topics of mobile repairing. So, this mobile repairing institute in Patna, Bihar will gives you skills and adequate support network and mentors. This course has started to get its goal that is to provide students a way to become a successful and entrepreneur. Our training is given to trainees on various trades that enable them to start their own business and do job in any big company, and increase their source of income.

Hi Tech Institute works with an approach to reach out to the youth in rural areas and prepare them on skills that is applicable in rural areas. This would support in future to strengthening rural employment and rural production systems. We are the only one to provide training on phone with complete knowledge but also an approach to transfer knowledge of technology that can help to improve and innovate if you are already working. The aim is to break the limits with regard and to make future in hardware technology without having any previous knowledge. It is envisaged to make it more valuable to every center by developing it into a comprehensive resource center of training for numbers of students and working people apart from being only a skill transfer centre for youths. These kinds of approach are expected to enhance the position of their professional life.

Mobile repairing course in Patna is a part of the training process that adds to improve the trainees’ personality and level of knowledge enhancing their skill with training on important topics of mobile repairing.

Hi Tech Institute in Patna, Bihar is one of the pioneering institution in the date of today, having high quality of training, job oriented course, vacation training process in the field of electronics and hardware. With the team of some professionals it has been started, but in short span of time Hi Tech has grown into a mature institution, and now it is playing a pioneer role in professionalizing the methodology and techniques needed in mobile phone troubleshooting process.

This mobile repairing institute in Patna provides chip level training in all brands of mobile phones with advanced and latest circuit diagram, IC pin details and service manuals, to empower the skill of a candidate for a successful career. Come soon, if you want to get the same thing.



Hi Tech Institute not only gives you on hands training but you will be also trained how to troubleshoot and repair laptop or even you are looking for an extra income or to start your career in laptop hardware industry as job or own business. Then do not need to go anywhere here you can get all kinds of essential knowledge and skill for example hardware repair and software troubleshooting, that are designed to teach you in all ways to be a perfect laptop repair technician such as in virus removal and how to troubleshoot operating system and application as well.

Laptop Hardware Repairing Course in Patna, Bihar provides the whole training laptop keyboard repair and replacement services for all laptop brands belonging to all models, including Apple. Our team of teachers teaches you everything that you need to know for being an expert laptop technician and enable you to replace missing or broken keys. After doing this course you can troubleshoot stuck or non-operational keys to determine if a cleaning can resolve the issue, or even the entire keyboard needs to be replaced. Laptop keyboard repairs are very common, and it is in huge demand so this is a good chance to make career in this sector. Many laptops get problem related to entire motherboard, or logic board and all other parts that are needed to be removed so that the system work in proper way. Off course repairing or replacing the parts or laptop is not so easy but it is easy when we know the reason as it depends on why your laptop is not working to begin with, first of all you will be trained for why and how laptop misbehave.

This laptop Hardware repairing Institute in Patna, Bihar focuses on the hardware aspects of laptop. It is the course of some months, and many of the students who attend our course start their own way of earning after second day of competing of course. The work you in which you will trained are methods of screen replacements, power inverters, if there is any problem regarding keyboards, hard drives, and another with ease replace it. You will also learn the way to recover data from a dead laptop, testing and replacement of memory like RAM; you will be trained also in troubleshooting overheating issue and random restarts. Under this course we provide training in chip level troubleshooting, as currently chip level technology is in high demand.

In the date of today we have a lot of students form entire country, you must not miss this chance just enroll for this Hitech institute in Patna, Bihar and make your future secure in IT field. The time it takes it just for few months, you will become an expert and perfect technician and will be capable to perform in all kinds of situation related to laptop repairing; the fee we charge for this is very less with the comparison what other institution charge.

Hi Tech Advance Technology Mobile Repairing Course in Patna

mobileHi Tech Institute of mobile phone training is one of the reputed names among elite service providers which are engaged in imparting quality technical and non-technical education of short duration with immense potentials to change and improve the quality of life of aspirants in terms of better career opportunities, earning and like styles. We have an aim to make people financially independent and for fulfilling our aim we are working very hard, and in this regard, we have planned many result oriented courses for technical repairing courses, mobile repairing course in Patna, Bihar.

Hi Tech Institute is India’s premier technical training company offering new aged career oriented courses targeted at the wireless telecom segment. And, it has gained rich experience in this field which led them to set up multiple training centers. For some years we have been training thousands of students every year, providing them self-employment opportunities.  The team of our instructors is best in his class, having achieved several years of experience in areas such as network architecture, network development and system functions.

Advance Mobile repairing institute in Patna, bihar is started to attract the right talent for the wireless industry becomes imperative, the need for job oriented training programs and industry oriented training specialists becomes inevitable. We are here to convert the untapped potential into a successful career opportunity with specially designed courses. Now, we are very sure to help you in achieving expected job and career alternative after the completion of this mobile repairing course in Patna. As per our data and record, there are hardly any our previous student who is unemployed. Most of them have opened their own business establishment and are in position to offers jobs to other technician in their service center or repairing shop. And, rest is employed in good and reputed mobile repairing service centers.

To help our students in their job search we have designed this course in three levels basic, advance and combo. After the course you will be able to perform in specific way with quality service. There is no need of any previous knowledge for doing this course, even a 10th passed student can take admission it and can enhance his knowledge and skill that will increase the possibility of employment in IT industry, or can establish his own business with good salary package and provide business tips and management skills to get established.


Hi Tech is Giving Training in Laptop Chip Level Repairing Course in Patna

sadfgfbngfnHi Tech Institute is an excellent institute in all category of hardware training course.  These days, Patna is turning in to the hub of IT companies. It is mandated of Hi Tech as an institute to prepared job seekers to get place in these companies.  It is one of the biggest brand giving training in hardware technology and this became possible because of our career courses that helped us a long way in achieving this feat. We started laptop chip level repairing course in Patna reason being laptop repairing is one of the fastest growing opportunity of the current scenario. As it was seen that there is no laptop  repairing training institute in Patna that can provide quality repairing training in laptop to the students on affordable fee.

Hi Tech institute has been established with a target to provide high quality, job oriented technical education in Laptop chip level repairing course in Patna. The increasing demand of student always inspires us to open more and more centers in different part of India. As per the present condition it is clear that laptop is used in most of activities in offices and home. So, the demand of technician in laptop is increasing. And, now-a –days laptop course have loan been deemed as a vintage point to enter the IT industry and Hi Tech gives a better platform for it. It provides career courses which prepare the students to tackle the increasing need of hardware industry and laptop chip level repairing course in patna is one of them.

We ensure full support to our present and past students. For this purpose we regularly organize seminar and training test on the advancement of laptop. We have the best team of teachers who are experienced enough to give you all the information related to laptop and advances enough to train you with updated features. They always take care of quality technical education and our research team continually works to include latest technical aspects in our course so that student may get highly advanced employment oriented course. We believe that Patna is ready to be the major part of IT sector in India and we as a training institute is ready to take this the responsibility to polish and make candidate talented enough to meet their potential and secure their future.

Problem Rectification through Mobile Repairing Course in Patna Bihar

mobile-repairingMobile is the device without which one cannot imagine a world and that is why Mobile Repairing Course in Patna is very much in high demand. There are mobile repairing institute in such as the Hi-tech Institute that provides mobile repairing Course in India and has been very successful in doing. We provide mobile repairing course which creates a strong base in mobile technology fundamentals. Since our establishment, we believe in spreading technical education all over the country.

Our computer repairing course is designed such that even a matric pass student can easily learn all about mobile technology. Mobile Repairing Institute in Patna keeps the training methodology simple yet effective. Apart from that hands-on practical training is given to the students in the well-equipped practical lab during mobile repairing course. We have provided mobile phone repair training to a number of students in India.

Our team is highly focused and work for achieving excellence in the education industry. We chase the concept of student satisfaction at affordable course fees and quality training. We have the backing of highly experienced trainers and professionals who are well-versed with the latest Mobile technology. We have years of experience in imparting mobile repair training. We provide hands-on training on testing, repairing and maintaining a variety of mobile phones.

We excel in providing practical mobile repair training to the candidates who want to make their career in the cellular industry. Our experienced and qualified trainers help students in enhancing their technical skills about working of different mobiles. Our training institute has a well-equipped computer laboratory for mobile phone repair training where many complaints are rectified thorough specialized software.

Students are trained to use the latest software for unlocking, reactivating the dead mobile phones, entering logos and flashing etc. We train students to repair any model of mobile with complete service solution. With the help of latest cell phones circuits, we teach students to trace the tracks, chip level servicing, digital communication theory  and practical and about how to repair mobile phones using the latest tools and equipment.

We provide extensive and effective training in mobile repair with an aim of creating job opportunities and successful career. So we help students not only to learn but also to learn individually. We start training from base level like generation of mobile phones, GSM and CDMA structure, identification of different ICs, 2G 3G 4G technology and section of mobile phone repair etc.